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April 13th: 1440 Minutes

“There are 1440 minutes in a day, make every second count. Keep a happy, positive attitude and never lose your peace. Life is beautiful. You’re alive. Anything is possible.”
Sonya Goins

My husband sent me this quote he found on Sonya Goins’ Twitter feed because he thought it would resonate with me. I love this! I believe it and I live it – most of the time.

Recently I was playing Pickleball with a partner I did not know very well. In Pickleball, often a person is paired with someone they don’t know well. I look at it as an opportunity to learn how to play with a wide variety of partners at all levels of experience and accomplishment. I take everything that happens in stride and if I lose, so be it. I know I did my best and am gracious, clap paddles and move on. It’s a game for goodness sake.

My partner on this particular day mentioned above I did remember from last year (I hadn’t played at this venue for over six months). I take the game of Pickleball seriously but it is a game and we should always have fun when playing a ‘game’. My partner was not into the ‘fun’ part of the game. Our opponents were slammers and extremely good. Even with good effort we lost the game. I went to the net, as is custom, to clap paddles and my partner was nowhere to be found. I looked around for her and saw her walking away from the court. This is rude by any measure. One always claps paddles at the conclusion of the game. It is good manners and sportsmanship.

I called out her name. She turned and looked at the three of us standing at the net, raised her paddle and said, “I’m going over to play with other people. This is no fun for me when we lose.” The three of us at the net were dumb-founded. “What?”

We let her go. It was later that day that I received Sonya Goins’ quote from my husband. I wish I could have said to my partner, “1440 minutes in a day. How are you going to choose to live those 1440 minutes? With negative thoughts, fear, disappointment, which all leads to a pretty awful day? Or, are you going to find your peace stay positive and have a very enjoyable day no matter whether you win or lose at a silly game.”

What about you? There are 1440 minutes in a day. How are you going to choose to live those minutes?

April 6th: Facebook – Love It or Leave It?

I have been on Facebook for a long time. It has been a fun way to reconnect with people I lost contact with but wish I hadn’t. I was able to find out about their families, careers, activities and their personal growth over the years. This is the upside to Facebook.

During the presidential election of 2016 the discord I found on Facebook between my own family members and the candidates’ platforms left me feeling sad and concerned. I have since seen such vitriolic commentary and exchanges between friends and people I don’t even know that I believe the “face” of Facebook has changed.

Facebook, for those of us wishing to share poignant stories and events taking place in our life, was a venue that reached our friends and family far and wide. Today more and more frequently, Facebook is a platform for people to harass others with beliefs that differ from their own. It is a place I find to be less positive in the messaging and more political in substance.

I firmly believe each person is allowed to believe what they want, worship in their own way, love whomever they wish, and live in peace and harmony with all around them. Yes, I know this sounds like I am out of touch with reality but it is what I feel and believe deep within my heart and soul. I accept you for who you are, just don’t attempt to change me to suit you.

I have become fed up with the spiteful posts; requests for friendship from people I have never heard of from all over the world; concern over the potential sharing of my information intentionally or unintentionally through hacking; and what seems to have become a competition to see who is living the happiest and most-fulfilled life through their adventures.

I have chosen to delete my Facebook account for the above reasons and because I choose to focus on the quality of my life. I want to spend the hour or two a day I would otherwise spend on Facebook reading a good book, climbing a mountain, running, working out or chatting with a friend face-to-face over tea. For those who choose to stay on Facebook, that is fine. If you want to reach me you will need to reach out by phone, text, or old fashioned mail. Love ya!