Charlotte A. Stout

Here are my recent thoughts/comments on a variety of topics.

November 17th: Changes

I have always been one who is able and willing to accept change in my life. I like the thrill of learning about new places, building new homes, remodeling existing homes, meeting new people, new jobs and companies and everything that goes along with new beginnings.

However, there are some things I like to be constant in my life. I love having my fur babies around me; long-term friends who know and understand my quirkiness but love me anyway; a stable partnership; a steadiness in values and morals that dictate my actions. These things balance me with all the change I crave.

When one of these stabilizing influences disappears it is a change that I have a hard time accepting. I said goodbye to another fur baby today. She was special in so many ways. Brandi came to us so damaged from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her prior owners. I like to think that we made her life better, happier and easier. I spent lots of time on the floor with Brandi just letting her sniff me, snort on me, rub her eyes all over my clothes and lay on top of me. These are the things that made her feel safe, loved and secure. I learned so much about how to let another being just be and not force her to be what I wanted her to be. Brandi came to us as a damaged senior citizen. I like to think she left us happy, content, at peace and feeling very loved.

This type of change is not one I like. It is hard. But, it is also a part of the circle of life. My life will continue with fond memories of Brandi’s time here. When I feel sad I will draw on the strength I get from my other constants in life – friends, activities, and the knowledge that there is another fur baby out there waiting for me.

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