Charlotte A. Stout

Here are my recent thoughts/comments on a variety of topics.

January 19th: Sacred – “regarded with reverence.”

What do you hold ‘Sacred’ in your life? What is most precious to you and warrants your protection? For me it is my relationships with others and myself. I value honesty and integrity in my interactions with others, the community and with myself.

I include myself in this because I have to be honest with myself first and treat all that I think and do with integrity before I can do the same with others and the community at large. I admit there are times I lose sight of this and have a more myopic view of what is important to me. Perhaps a more selfish, materialistic, unrealistic perception of what I see, want or need.

I am inclined to lose sight of what is sacred to me when I am feeling lost, insecure and concerned or a bit down. I tend to believe I need to fill the perceived void with ‘something’ even though I don’t know what that ‘something’ is. The more I seek out what I feel is missing the more I feel a void in my life. It is at these moments when I need to be honest with myself and get down to the ‘real’ issue. This takes introspection at a gut level. It’s hard but most things worth doing are difficult.

The exercise I perform is to take time to look at my life right now, today and tic through situations, friendships, encounters, activities and evaluate what might be throwing me off balance. Am I at odds with a friend? Have I not had enough positive social interactions to feed my spirit? Am I harboring resentment toward anyone or a situation that did not have the outcome I wanted? Did I have a negative encounter with someone that has left me feeling unsettled? What is the issue?

It isn’t until I know what the issue is that I can do something about it. As I said earlier, friendships, my relationship with people in general and with my community at large are sacred to me. I hold myself to the highest standard as a friend and community member. If I am honest in how I interact with others, maintain integrity in all that I do, and address issues openly when they arise then I am holding dear and protecting what is most sacred to me; honesty and integrity in me and my life.

How about you? What is ‘Sacred’ to you?

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