Charlotte A. Stout

Here are my recent thoughts/comments on a variety of topics.

March 20th: Turn that Ugh! Into AHH!

Is there something in your everyday life that you do not like doing? It can be laundry, cleaning, driving, taking the garbage out, working out or a whole host of other tasks we complete every day without much thought. Many of these tasks we do because they need to get done but do we find any joy in performing them? I am going to suggest that we start looking for the good in everything we do.

Feeling and being clean is important to me. To realize this I must shower or bathe which includes washing my hair, shaving, applying makeup every single day. I also love having a clean house. This means I must vacuum, dust mop, scrub bathrooms, dust, polish and scour every week. Yes, I do this with the help of my husband every single week. I have used house cleaners in the past to avoid having to take the time to clean but I was always dissatisfied with their thoroughness so, I do this.

Do I love taking time out of my day to shower or spend hours each week cleaning house, especially when I am feeling lazy? Not particularly. However, I have chosen to view these otherwise pesky routines as opportunities turning what used to be UGH when thinking about or performing these chores into a feeling of AHH and a sense of accomplishment.

While showering I send thanks out into the universe that I am able to stand upright and perform the bathing functions without assistance. While cleaning the house I put my headphones on and literally sing and dance my way through what could otherwise be tedious tasks. Listening to music as I clean brings a feeling of joy to the process. When I am done I feel happy and I look around the house and say, “job well done and wasn’t that fun.”

Take a moment to think about and find a way to turn those UGH tasks of yours into AHH moments! Sing, dance, and give thanks you have the ability to do these things. Find what transforms the UGH at the thought of having to perform the task at hand into an AHH and a sense of fulfillment.

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