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February 16th: Kindness Does Still Exist

I received an email from a friend of mine recently in which she shared an act of kindness she observed at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Minnesota. Minnesota nice is a thing but I believe you will see this gesture goes beyond just being nice.

My friend had to get her license renewed. When she arrived and pulled her paper number off the machine she was number 59. She looked up to see what number was being serviced and almost fell over when she saw the display registered number 18. She took a seat next to an elderly gentleman who was as calm as could be as he patiently waited for his number to be called.

In came a lady (mom) pushing a baby stroller with a baby carrier in it. She pulled her number off the machine, saw it was number 60 and sat across from the elderly gentleman and my friend. Mom didn’t harrumph or complain she just rocked the stroller back and forth to comfort the now fussy baby.

My friend watched as the elderly gentleman stood and walked over to the young mother. He sat next to her and asked how old her baby was to which she replied; “He is one month today.” The new mom beamed as she lifted the blanket covering her baby so the gentleman could see her little man.

The elderly gentleman held out his ticket to her and said, “Here, why don’t you take my ticket and I will take yours. You need to get out of here faster than I do.”

The Mom looked at his ticket and saw it was number 21. She looked at her own ticked and said, “But, I have number 60.”

The gentleman smiled at her and said, “That’s no problem,” as the next available service representative called number 21. “You better hurry Miss,” the gentleman said as he took her ticket and gently placed his ticket in her hand.

The young mom hugged the gentleman before she rushed toward the waiting service representative.

In this world where rhetoric is divisive creating anger amongst so many it is refreshing to hear stories like this one. It helps restore my faith in humanity. Random Acts of Kindness bless the giver as much as the receiver. Kindness begets kindness. Let’s all find ways to be a kinder in our daily life.

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